Pregnancy Conditions

Falling pregnant is not easy,it is like grow rice. You need good quality seeds to plant in fertile ground, and it has to be spring which is warm for the seeds to grow.

Getting pregnant is the same, it contains some conditions:

1. Man can produce good sperms

A normal man generally can ejaculate 2-6ml sperms. Each ml has over 60 million sperms. Good activity sperms are over 60%, abnormal ones are below 15-20%. And sperms can survive over 48 hours after ejaculation.

2. woman can produce healthy eggs.

Woman who has regular period will produce one egg each cycle. And egg has to be healthy and can survive 16-24 hours.

3. Sperms and egg can meet each other

Sperms can survive 1-3 days while egg can survive about one day. So firstly sex life only around ovulation time can possibly cause pregnancy.

Secondly, for woman, a normal cervix and smooth fallopian tubes are very important for sperms to swim. If someone has cervicitis or blocked tube, it will be difficult for sperms to swim.

For man, vas deferens need to be smooth to ejaculate.

4. Uterus environment must be suitable for fertilized egg

Fertilized egg will reach the uterus within 3-4 days. It needs thick endometrium and warmth to grow into embryo. If it is thin endometrium or temperature is low, it will be difficult for embryo growth.


There are many treatments to help the conditions, like IVF, ICSI, insemination.

Our clinic also provides treatments to help with the conditions. We offer acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help the conditions. so that you will have higher chance to get pregnant. And our treatment is safe, natural, no side effect, maintaining your health.

Our clinic has 85% percent success rate of falling pregnant naturally under our treatments. If you would like to know some information, please contact us to book appointment.