Menopause most commonly affects women between the ages of 48-52. Women experience it can be very different from each other.

Generally it means the “pausing”. It presents itself as irregular periods (heavier/lighter/longer/shorter/more frequent) and your periods will eventually stop together.

The symptoms include:

• Irregular periods

• Night sweats

• Hot flushes

• Over heating

• Breast tenderness

• Bloated stomach

• Irritability

• Mood swings

• Headaches or migraines

• Sleeplessness

• Weight gain

• Vaginal dryness & painful intercourse

• Skin dryness

• Low energy

• Poor memory

• Low libido

• Insomnia

Many people get treatment as hormone therapy. But if you use for long, liver and kidney function should be considered all the time.

Chinese medicine treatment has its advantage. Clinically it is proved that Chinese medicine has great results on treating this who used to publish acupuncture is great for 64 symptoms. Depression, insomnia, headache, irregular periods etc are included.

Acupuncture can regulate internal circumstance and autonomic nervous system so that the body can be balanced. Therefore there won’t be symptoms or signs to tell you that your body is out of balance.

Biggest advantage of traditional Chinese medicine is that it treat people differently. For example, ( based on Chinese medicine theory) women whose constitution more towards yin deficiency tend to have liver yang active or blood deficiency syndrome which will have hot flushes, irritability, insomnia etc.

Women whose constitution more towards yang deficiency tends to have spleen yang deficiency, phlegm stagnation which will have bloated stomach, diarrhea, fatigue etc.

With the Chinese medicine treatment, it is more natural, safer. It wakes up your body to function well.

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