Sydney Quit Smoking Treatment


Sydney Quit Smoking Treatment has a high success rate with one acupuncture treatment for those who want to stop smoking.

It is one of the best quit smoking alternatives treatment. Immediately after the treatment you will not want or crave a cigarette. It is the best quit smoking cravings treatment.

Sydney quit smoking acupuncture treatment works on the cravings and when successful the quit smoking cravings will go within 10 mins after stimulation. 

For a majority of clients it will be like they have never smoked in the first place - the craving simply switches off.

However the technique does not treat the habit, it only treats the physical cravings.

And it is for some people especially those with anxiety, highly stressed or have difficulty in relaxing and have used cigarette smoking to calm themselves down, can and will confuse the emotional reliance as a cravings.

So when client call us and ask how to quit smoking? Our answer is, by taking action and booking an appointment with us of course!

Instructions for Patients:

We advise all clients to arrive at the clinic "wanting/craving" a cigarette.  Whether you need to stop 2hrs, 4hrs or only 20 minutes before arriving - you must be wanting a cigarette on a rough scale of 7/10. 

We do not want you coming in craving to the point of going crazy.  We need you at the 7/10 mark so that you can observe when that craving disappears during the treatment as your feedback is vital to the success of the treatment.

Our Quit smoking tips, we also advise clients to get rid of all cigarettes and anything that reminds you of smoking eg cigarette lights, ashtrays etc... If you smoke in your car then clean out the ash tray and have the car washed and deodorized before have the treatment.

Finally you must have something to eat and drink before you arrive, as you must not eat or drink for a minimum of 2hrs but preferably 3hrs after the treatment. 

The exception to this rule is if you need to, you can sip some water 40mins after the treatment if you suffer from dry mouth.  You must not consume any alcoholic drinks the same day and night of the treatment.


Even though the Amazing Sydney Quit Smoking Acupuncture Treatment has a very high success rate of quit smoking cravings in just one treatment, a very small minority of clients will need a second treatment. 

Their cravings comes back within a couple of days to a week.  Most of these clients, though they have started smoking again will not be smoking as heavily as before. 

We have noticed and found it very interesting that the main reason most people who seek to quit smoking, is not for their health but rather that smoking is a very expensive habit and they either can't afford to keep it up or they realise that if they did quit, the amount of money they could save per year is enough to to take themselves and even their family on a nice holiday!  Smoking is costing you more than your health, you are literally burning money too!


We charge $250 for the first Session of the Amazing Sydney Quit Smoking Acupuncture Treatment. But if you start smoking again within a year,we will repeat your session free of charge, our quit smoking gifts to you as we are very confident in the results of our treatment.  

If you are ready to quit smoking please contact us!