Pregnancy Preparation

Getting pregnant is not easy. Conception requires many aspects.Our body has its own way to adapt to the environment. Therefore, generally speaking in spring and summer, the pregnancy success rate is higher than winter. Just like the insects and flowers, they are more actively give birth in spring and summer sexually.

But it doesn't mean you cant get pregnant in winter. If your body is in a perfect condition, you will still get pregnant.So look after your own health is essential.

I have been tell our clients, suppose there is a baby wants you be the parents. He or she will wait for the good time to come to you.

And he or she is going to live in your womb for about 10 months.

The womb is going to be the home for him or her.  As a mother, you need to think : how can I make the "home"  comfortable for the little one, so that he or she is happy to live in the womb home comfortably.

The environment should be relaxed, as an adult, we don't really want to live in a stressful place. Baby is the same, he or she feel too stressed, he or she might don't want to live in the womb. This requires the mother in a relatively relaxed state.

This home can't be too hot, as an adult, we have air conditioning in hot weather. This home can't be too cold, as an adult, we have heater in cold weather. The bed for the little one need to be comfortable.

So if we considering what can we do as a parent to welcome the baby, then we will help ourselves to maintain as healthy as possible.

1.  Diet:

A good diet is very important contribution t preconception. It requires good balance of healthy and fresh vegetables, fruit, Carbohydrates and protein.  So your body will have enough nutrition.

In the market, try to get the vegetable and fruit as organic as you can. For meat, poultry or fish, try to avoid those been farmed with hormones or promoters. For ocean fish, try to avoid the fish which has mercury inside because mercury can damages the brain development of the fetes.

Your body also requires a good digestion system to absorb the nutrition.

2.  Enough folic acid:

In daily diet, many people couldn't get enough folic acid. It is crucial to have a healthy baby. Pregnancy folic acid is recommended to use.

If you are taking multi-Vitamin, Please make sure Unit A is within 0.77mg daily intake. Because overtaking Vitamin A can cause informed baby. 

3.  Alcohol, smoking or drugs:

A lot of research has proved that smoking, alcohol and drugs can cause miscarriage, premature delivery or low weight new born baby.

So we recommended avoiding drinking, smoking or taking drugs. Especially two weeks before your period due, in case you pregnant. For man, it will decrease the quality and quantity of sperm.

4.  Caffeine:

High caffeine can obstruct the absorption of iron and also increase miscarriage of dead fetes rate. If you want to quit addiction to tea or coffee, don't quit straight away in case you get headache, quit coffee step by step.

5.  Controlling weight:

A lot of research has shown the people who are overweight or lower than the normal weight are not easy to conceive naturally or IVF. The easy way to see the normal weight is" your height(cm)-100±5”. For example, if you are 160cm, so your weight should be 160-100=60±5.

Acupuncture or herbs can help with your metabolism.

6. Exercise:

Doing some joyable exercise can help conception. However too much exercise can reduce the success rate. Try to avoid intensive exercise is recommended.

7. Preconception exams:

Do some preconception exams sometimes can help discover problems. It can reduce the risk of unhealthy fetes.

8. Ovulation day:

Having sex life around ovulation can increase conception. You are do your daily temperature, observe discharge or do paper test to tell your ovulation time.

9. Healthy emotions:

Research has found women who are depressed or stressed will decrease the conception success rate. Depression or stress can affect your interest of life, poor appetite, insomnia. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help regulate your emotions.

10. Virus or germs infection:

Row food are not recommended for preconception, eg :sashimi , in case you can be infected by virus or germs. Don't eat rotten food.

Wash had often, try to keep 4 degrees temperature in fridge. Freezer temperature should be under 18 degrees .

If you have pets like dogs or cats, try not to let them sleep with you and wash hands often after touching them in case getting infected by some insects or parasite that pets carry.

11. Safe environment:

If your work has to contact chemical or radiation, better avoid the environment.

12. Say goodbye to contraception:

If you are using condoms for contraception, you can get ready for conception straight after you stop using condoms.

If you use other contraception like pills or patch, IUD, it is better wait until you have regular period after you stop contraception.

If you use injection for contraception, it is better to wait until you have normal ovulation. Sometimes it can take over 1 year.

Doing period cycle record is recommended. It is easier for you to see your cycle, also helps to see the conception date.

13. Sleep:

A good quality sleep at night is very crucial for conception. It can affect the quality of egg and sperm. Go to bed before 11pm is recommended for preconception.