Physical pain is a common occurrence for many people.Acupuncture is commonly used for various of pain.

About pain:

Pain is a feeling in the nervous system. It can be dull or sharp pain, steady or off-on pain etc.

Generally pain alerts us to injuries or illnesses that need attention. Once the underlying problem is gone, the pain will be gone.

People nowadays will take medications to relieve the pain. But if the medication is purely to relieve the pain, then the pain will come back once you stop because the underlying problem is not solved.

Acupuncture for pain:

Clinical research has proven that acupuncture CAN relieve the pain even straight away. Scientist are doing more research about why acupuncture works so well for relieving pain.

In Chinese medicine theory: blockage or malnourishment can cause pain. Acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body to regulate the flow of Qi in meridians. Here are some problems that use acupuncture to successfully eradicate pain:

• Headache

• Toothache, jaw pain

• Neck pain

• Shoulder pain

• Tennis elbow

• Arm pain

• Back pain

• Tight and painful ITB

• Tight and painful calf muscle

• Menstrual pain

• Knee pain/osteoarthritis

Any pain caused by sports injury.