Stress And Anxiety

Are you S.A.D (stressed, anxious, depressed)? Isn't it so common in this society?

In Chinese Medicine, emotions are close related to the body health. Anger related to Liver( not the western medicine liver) for example, when someone is angry, the blood pressure can go higher.

Same with being stress and anxiety, it can affect the liver as well. Because in Chinese Medicine, all organs are mutual functioning. Our digestion system can be affected easily.

Some people will find they are bloated in stomach, sluggish bowel motions, constipated. Some will find they are having diarrhea. They also can see they are irritable, easy to get angry.

Some people start to have insomnia. If they don't come to Chinese Medicine to balance their body, they tend to have sleeping pills which will make the body even more imbalanced.

For women, some will see their periods become irregular. Before period comes, she will feel either bloated in stomach, or irritable, emotional or soreness in breast.

Many People tend to carry the tensions on shoulders often. Especially those people who work on computers. Shoulders become tight and tender. If we don't get it fixed, later on can cause neck pain etc.

We have many people coming in for these problems. Acupuncture works very well to fix the problems. Combined with herbs, it will work better.

All get very good results. Some of them can even get rid of the depression pills forever. They are so happy with the treatment.

Western Medicine is trying to do the research on how acupuncture works. They know the results are amazing, but the process of how it works still in researching. Hopefully they can find something as soon as possible.

Being stressed or anxious recently? Contact us and get our help.