Dora Yan Wang

Qualifications and Professional Experience:

Master degree of Acupuncture 3 years full time from Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. 2004-2007

Bachelor degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 years full time in China. 1998-2002

Full time Hospital intern working at JiangXi TCM Hospital 4 years (China) 2003-2007

Lecturer at Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2010

Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Palm Diagnosis Practitioner 2016

Professional Memberships

  • AHPRA: CMR0001763523 Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist
  • AACMA: 2598
  • FCMA member:2295
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration approved
  • Registered Private Health Fund Provider for all health funds

王 燕


My Story

I am trained to treat a wide variety of illnesses, specializing in Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Female infertility, Chronic fatigue, Internal medicine and Chinese medicine diet therapy.

I started to study Chinese medicine when I was eighteen, 5 Years of Bachelor degree and 3 years of master degree study in china.

When I was studying for my master degree, I also had to work in the hospital as well. I got to see so many different cases in china: gynecology problems, pediatric problems, bone problems, injuries, psychology problems, insomnia, common cold, cancer etc.

I saw many cases that western medicine can’t treat while Chinese medicine can. I am proud of the Chinese medicine that has been alive for over 5000 years.

My relationship with Chinese medicine started when I was little. I grew up in a small town in china. My family was quite poor and I was very skinny suffered from malnutrition.

Since then I have always had digestion problems and every time it got really severe my parents would take me to see a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor. I took the Chinese herbs and usually within one week my digestion was balanced. I didn't like the taste of the Chinese herbs, but I thought if it is good for me I will suffer the taste for my health.

I remembered one time, because of my digestion problem, I had been very bloated with no appetite at all. I hadn't eaten probably for almost one month.  One night I woke up in the middle of the night and scared myself when I looked into the mirror.  My face was so swollen, especially my eyes. I felt tight in my calves and they were swollen with fluid retention too.

My mum took me to see the Chinese medicine doctor, this time he didn't give me one week herbs but only a single one dosage worth of herbs. So I boiled them up and took it as soon as I got back home. But the amazing thing was, after just one bag of herb later, I started to feel hunger, my face and legs lost their swelling and puffiness and my calves were not tight any more. It was amazing and very impressed.

Later on when I was teenager, I started to get headaches quite often. My mum took me to see the western doctor, they gave me pain killers and sometimes even injections to kill the pain. But it didn't have much effect, it didn’t give me any relief. So we went to see the Chinese medicine physician.

They give me acupuncture and Chinese herbs. After acupuncture, the headache released very quickly. I had been always wondering why such a little needle is full of magic.

As the years went by I was still deeply impressed with the efficacy of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture so when I finished high school, I chose to study Chinese medicine at University. I thought 'when I know all the knowledge of Chinese herbs and acupuncture, I can start to help myself and others.'

Because I was studying the Chinese medicine, I started to treat myself through diet therapy and Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Chinese medicine put my body back into balance so it won't came back again.

I was very happy that I can become a Chinese medicine doctor. I can help people with health. Every time when I see patients get better, I feel very happy.

While working in the hospitals in china I was very fortunate to study and be mentored by one of China's top famous Gynecologists and Fertility expert, Dr Jo.  While in china we used to see 70 patients per day before lunch time, so over 140 patients per day, 7 days a week!

I'm so moved when my patients come in or call to tell me they are pregnant!  It is such a magical moment.  All the hard work, educating and treating, is so worth it in that moment.

It is only beaten when my patients bring their new born baby in to visit and thank me!

Now, I am in Australia, I have a 75% success rate of getting couples pregnant within 3 months (85% within 6 months). Up until now, I have 100% birth rate. We have many beautiful photos and thank you cards in our clinic from all the families I have helped.

I am very grateful to my teachers and proud to be a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I'm very happy that I can help more people with their health in Australia.

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